EF#5 Blogger English Club to ME


becBlogger english club (BEC), i know this english forum from putri. I was motivated join this forum to push myself in writing of english. Joining BEC, I don’t have to write something good in english, I only must write an english post on my blog once a week no matter if I write correctly or not in grammar, the most important thing is the reader understand my writing. 🙂  The theme varies and easy such as technology, film etc, depend on the admin decision.

Beside blog forum, BEC also has two WhatsApp group, BEC learning group and chit chat group. On BEC learning group, I can learn english grammar  from the BEC mentors, I call them Grammar Nazi. The mentors will select some post to be reviewed the grammar and sentences whether it is correct or not. Maybe some of us doesn’t will join a whatsapp forum because the uncontrolled conversation there, but it doesn’t happen on BEC whatsapp forum because the BEC forum only active on monday, wednesday and friday.

The other groups is Chit Chat Group BEC, on this group I can chat freely. The rule only chatting must be in english. I find new tremendous mates there, almost of BEC member is great blogger, friendly, funny and clever. I think they are really inspiring by the way they are.

And what is BEC to me? frankly,  BEC is special to me. Now i force myself to write a post, so my blog always updated. In other way, writing in english  emphasize my poor english skill. I must open google translate to find an appropriate words if i dont know the translation of bahasa words. I also try to make simple writing but the main purpose must delivered well, that’s why i try to write a 300 words post.

Thank you so much for the BEC founders, you all did great. I hope what you’ve done is a goodness  and God replies more. I wish I can consistent on this path to improve our english skill. Amiin


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