EF #4 , Grab Magic Vanishing Spray From Doraemon Pocket to Catch Corruptor


Doraemon, one of the most famous anime from japan. He is a blue cat robot comes from 22nd century to 20th century in order to help Nobita, a 10 years kid who not good in class and often get anger from his mate. Doraemon has magic pocket containing many magic tools which are used by Nobita when reccessived.

If i could draw a tools from Doraemon Pockets, it will be Magic Vanishing Spray. This tools can make us unseen when sprayed to our body. By this vanishing spray, I will scout anyone freely without worrying to get caught. My wild imagination figure that I am a KPK detective who have big responsibilites and roles to catch corruptor. I will scout the corruption suspect activities.  As we know, the corruption suspect usually powerful man in this country, we cannot scout him easily because he is guarded by special trained forces. By vanishing our self, we can walk through his guard and pass the security sistem freely then recording any valuable information and make a report to KPK if he clear or not. Amazing! 😀

I wish my beloved country will be clear from the bad reputation of most corrupt country in the world.


My late post for EF#4


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