EF3- How Gadget Affects Our Life?


As a social being, we need to communicate with others to make interaction. The way of communication have been improved since long time ago. In past , people must meet lively to deliver their  meanings and thoughts. If they separated in distance then communication is done by writing mail and sent by postman. Of course, it took long time and ineffective.

The need of effective communication is increasing over time. People make a breakthrough to create communication tools that can deliver information without any obstacles and also cheap. We can see the evolution of communication tools since the discovery of telegraph, telephone, and now smartphone or gadget. Having gadget make us connected with other without limitation in distance and it already become a part of human life now. This condition pushes the gadget producer compete in providing user friendly, sophisticated and cheap gadget.

The feature applied on gadget ease people to do their daily activities. Nowadays gadget not only used for calling or texting, but also supporting office tasks, capturing best moment with the gadget camera and etc. Beside that, the social media application on gadget possibly people stay connected although they are far away separated. By social media, we can share our activities, photo, feelings or updated news to other. We also can join a group or forum that has same purpose or interest with us. In my experience, I meet my old friend who lost communication with me in social media. Another advantages of having gadget is we can get needed information quickly in internet. Economic sector is also affected by the gadget development as the online shop growth. Recently people doesn’t have to go out from home to buy something, they just sit down on the chair then open their gadget and do online shopping.

Being important in human being, gadget became one of primary need. Most of people have it. Although it provides so many positive side, gadget also has negative side. People tend to be antisocial and indifferent, they spend more time with their gadget than making live communication with other. In fact, I ever meet two people  on same room which communicate by gadget!. I also read a news that a couple divorce because of gadget. Of course this is bad condition, gadget already take the people awareness to their environment. Unlimited access in internet like a boomerang  if we not use it wisely because it provides good content and negative content. Pornography, terrorism, deception and humiliation on social media are the negative aspect. The games installed in gadget can be bad effect for children. I often see parents give gadget to their crying son in order to make him calm. Of course, this is bad for the child development.

In my opinion, currently  gadget has big influence to the social aspect in human being. Using gadget wisely can improve the quality of life. Don’t take too much attention with gadget when you were on a meeting or discussion. Making live communication is better than chatting on a gadget because you can feel the emotions and empathy. Watch the gadget using by our child.  Gadget only tools to ease our life,  use it appropriately.


And how gadget affects my life? I will tell you shortly, I spend more time to chat in whatsapp or BBM. Indeed, it is addictive to me. Until my precious warned me about the gadget effect to my attitude. I take more attention with my gadget when we meet and discuss about future. She said I like a statue when hold the gadget. I don’t give her good attention when she talks so I frequently ask her to repeat what she said. Bla bla bla… :D.

I realize that I become antisocial now  I must change. I must reduce the interaction with the gadget. I must use my gadget wisely and appropriately as I write above. I’m sure I can!. Keep your prayer to me.

foto dari vivanews.co.id

foto dari vivanews.co.id

#my first participation in blogger english club


5 thoughts on “EF3- How Gadget Affects Our Life?

  1. Hi… welcome to the club. Thank you for joining the challenge. Really nicely put in those words about how gadget affects our life. Yes… nowadays, it seems so hard to separate our life with gadget.

  2. @ bang Jampang : kalau mau Untung, dibuat jualan gadgetnya. 😀

    @ akang ade : saya juga masih pemula banget kang, masih make google translate hehe

    @bilqz : my prcious could be mom, sister etc, couldn’t it?

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